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Non-Contact Voltage Tester Pen, 12-1000V AC, with Laser Distance Meter - Klein Tools

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  • Item #NCTV-6
  • Voltage Tester provides non-contact determination of AC voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, switches, outlets and wires, as well as AC voltage in security, entertainment, communications, environmental control, and irrigation systems
  • Volt Pen detects AC voltage from 12 to 1000V with visual and audible indicators
  • Incorporates a 66-Foot (20 m) Laser Distance Meter that can measure in meters, inches with decimals, inches with fractions, feet with decimals, or feet with fractions
  • High-visibility reverse contrast display for better viewing in low light conditions
  • Laser Class II, 630 to 670nm, Max. Power <1mW
  • Simple-to-use intuitive interface; easy single-button changes between laser distance measurements and voltage detection
  • Delivers simultaneous visual and audible voltage indicators when AC voltage is detected
  • Audible voltage indicator beeps at a greater frequency the higher the voltage that is sensed, or the closer to the voltage source
  • Built to withstand a 6.6-Foot (2 m) drop
  • Auto Power-Off conserves and extends battery life
  • Screw-thread battery cap
  • Lightweight tool with pocket clip for easy everyday carrying and storage
  • CAT IV 1000V safety rating
  • Ingress Protection IP40 Dust Resistant
  • Under normal operating conditions, at distances from 2-Inch to 32.8-Foot the NCVT-6 has an accuracy of +/- 1/16-Inch; and at distances greater than 32.8-Foot up to 65.6-Foot, accuracy of +/- 1/8-Inch

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